Is there going to be another lockdown in Karnataka? Will Bengaluru be locked down due to a spike in COVID cases? These are the questions lingering in people's minds and now social media is abuzz with rumours and speculations about one-week lockdown citing Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa's remarks. Let's find out the truth.

The claim

Several users on social media and on WhatsApp groups are claiming that there will be a lockdown in Karnataka and by extension in Bengaluru for a period of one week. Some users are even circulating a video of Yediyurappa, where he is seen announcing COVID-19 restrictions on pubs, hotels across the state as a part of nationwide lockdown. The video has since gone viral, with many users panicking on the thought of being locked down.

Coronavirus Lockdown

With the inflow of conflicting information, users are puzzled and asking if there's going to be a lockdown in Karnataka/Bengaluru or not.


International Business Times reviewed the claims made on social media and WhatsApp groups and found them to be inaccurate and baseless. There are two parts to this fact-check. One fraction of users are sharing an old video of Yediyurappa announcing restrictions on pubs and hotels. The video was from last year when COVID-19 was at its peak and is being taken out of context.

Locdown in Bengaluru

Taking note of the viral video, Karnataka Deputy CM Dr. Ashwathnarayan tweeted clarification saying Yediyurappa's video is old. 

Locdown in Bengaluru

Similarly, Yediyurappa and other state CMs held a meeting with PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday on the topic of a sudden spike in COVID cases. Following the meeting, Yediyurappa clarified that there won't be a lockdown or night curfew, but advised people to take strict measures themselves if they do not wish for another lockdown. But his statements were taken out of context.

International Business Times has arrived at the conclusion that the claims about one-week lockdown in Bengaluru or new COVID restrictions across Karnataka are false and baseless.

Claim reviewed :

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