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A photograph of a U-shaped road is being falsely shared in the social media with a claim that an emergency road was constructed in Japan within 24 hours after a landslide destroyed a part of the road.

FB post

The photo was widely shared through social media. It is circulated in Facebook with the caption "Emergency road constructed in Japan within 24 hrs so as to maintain the traffic flow after the main one was being covered by a landslide. How many hours will this be fixed in your own country?"


Fact-checking website BOOM found that the news was entirely faux. "Taking a cue from Twitter replies to the viral image, we found an article by Fukuinp, a Japanese newspaper which included the photo of the same u-shaped road. Not 24 hours, but took four months for traffic to resume."

According to the report, the temporary road located in Japan's Fukui City was created after a landslide destroyed the main road after heavy rains lashed the areas. The road was opened after four months. The temporary road shown in the photo was opened for traffic on 31 October 2018.

The exact time period for the construction of the temporary road is not known but news reports indicate that it was not constructed overnight.