After battling COVID-19-related misinformation for the better part of the last year, it's now turn of the vaccine. There are all sorts of unproven, baseless claims going around the internet, all of which have one purpose - hinder the vaccine rollout. Some of these claims are outright ridiculous like the vaccine is some major conspiracy or the government's way to make money, there are other claims that challenge the intellect, making people believe it might be true. One such claim is that drinking alcohol after taking COVID-19 vaccine can be deadly.

The claim

Ever since the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out began, the government and health agencies have been doing their best to convey accurate information. Despite that, claims about abstaining from alcohol after taking COVID-19 vaccine has been planting doubts in the minds of people, so much so that some are even willing to stay in the bubble until a time comes when drinking alcohol after vaccine is considered safe.


Some viral social media posts, in a bid to add a touch of authenticity, claimed that one must give up alcohol entirely after getting the jab in order for it to be effective. Some others suggested that the vaccine and alcohol can be a deadly combination.


Due to the viral nature of this claim, International Business Times reviewed the facts related to abstaining from alcohol after taking COVID-19 vaccine. If you've been trying to give up the drinking habit, there's no better time than now to boost your immunity. But claims about giving up alcohol consumption after taking COVID-19 vaccine are unfounded.

Fact-check: Can you drink alcohol after taking COVID-19 vaccine [truth here]

The Health Ministry, citing experts, said that "there is no evidence of alcohol impairing the effectiveness of the vaccine." Moreover, India currently has Covishield and Covaxin as approved vaccines and neither of them mention avoiding alcohol post-vaccination. If it was a crucial aspect, there would be advisory in bold to ensure people don't take this precaution lightly.

Although, international experts recommend avoiding excessive alcohol intake as it generally reduces the immune responses to the vaccine. There's no harm in social drinking or light consumption of alcohol.

Based on the inputs by the healthy ministry and health experts, drinking alcohol in moderation before or after taking your vaccine is not strictly prohibited.

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Fact-check: Can you drink alcohol after taking COVID-19 vaccine [truth here]

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