Facebook "Year In Review" Receives Backslash From Internet Users; See People's Reactions
Facebook's Failed Attempt With 'Year In Review'; Users Criticize The App For Hurting SentimentsReuters

The app has been criticised by many as it also led to some unwanted memories flooding back into the users' minds. While some enjoyed the happy moments of 2014, others were made to face memories of tragedies and losses they faced in the past year.

For example, the "Year In Review" refreshed memories of a deceased daughter for a user named Eric Meyer, who lost his 6-year-old daughter in June last year and Facebook's algorithm brought back painful memories, making his daughter the centre of the review video.

"Yes, my year looked like that. True enough. My year looked like the now-absent face of my little girl," Meyer wrote in a Christmas Eve post on his blog. "It was still unkind to remind me so forcefully."

The article was flooded with comments and many users also shared similar instances where they were forcefully reminded of previous tragedies by Facebook's new app.

"I know, of course, that this is not a deliberate assault. This inadvertent algorithmic cruelty is the result of code that works in the overwhelming majority of cases, reminding people of the awesomeness of their years, showing them selfies at a party or whale spouts from sailing boats or the marina outside their vacation house," said Meyer in the post. "But for those of us who lived through the death of loved ones, or spent extended time in the hospital, or were hit by divorce or losing a job or any one of a hundred crises, we might not want another look at this past year."

Facebook has also commented and apologised for the unintended mistake. According to Forbes, Facebook Product Manager Jonathan Gheller, who oversaw the "Year In Review" project reached out to Meyer directly to apologise.

Meyers acknowledged the apology in a follow-up post saying, "I am very sorry that I dropped the Internet on his head for Christmas. He and his team didn't deserve it."

Meyer wasn't the only one who was upset by the Year in Review's briskly automatic construction. Other users have also taken to Twitter and other social networking sites to vent out their frustration and anger at the app.

Won't be sharing my Facebook Year in Review, which 'highlights' a post on a friend's death in May despite words like 'killed' and 'sad day,' " wrote Time magazine's Andrew Katz, according to Fox News.

"(M)y preview came up with my little boy & 'it's been a great year, thanks for being a part of it' He died at 15mos in Nov," wrote peitaballerina in response to the tweet.

This is not the first time Facebook has released such automatic generators. In 2012, it released "Year In Review", which made a video of each user's most liked pictures and status updates.