Facebook Launches New Standalone App For Groups

Are you aware about the fact that Facebook app on your smartphone can gain direct access and even can click images or shoot video footages without any consent? According to a report, the app has permission to access users' device anytime without prompt.

Meanwhile, a few days ago Twitter also made headlines for the same issue. The Twitter app can track your smartphone's application behaviour for producing tailored content.

According to the report published by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, the app can also record audio with a microphone, read personal information, and take pictures and videos without asking for once.

The committee also said that Facebook experimented with user's emotions and controlled story feed they saw in their newsfeeds.

The MPs said the app developer should provide a clear consent on the type of data retrieval by the apps and how they are going to use it.

According to a report published by The Telegraph UK, Facebook has declined to comment on this, but a source mentioned that the company has recently updated their terms and policies, so that a general user can understand them easily. It also indicated about launching a new site for helping users tweak their privacy settings and hence experience better usability.