Facebook might introduce Twitter-like feature of hashtags.Reuters

Social networking service Facebook has partnered with Indian telecoms, Bharati Airtel and Reliance Communication, to provide discounted and free access to its messenger app.

"Messaging on Facebook lets people connect with friends and contacts on the go, regardless of what device they are using. Three out of every four people on Facebook send a message on the platform each month, making messaging one of the most popular activities on Facebook," said Facebook in a blog post on Monday.

The Mark Zuckerberg-headed company also announced that it has entered into a new deal with 18 telecom operators in 14 countries to provide free or discounted data access to Facebook messaging to their subscribers.

Its 'Facebook for Every Phone' phone app has been optimized for chat now. The message app can be accessed via Facebook Messenger, Facebook for iOS and Android, Facebook for Every Phone and m.facebook.com.

 "...Facebook messaging and chat can be accessed from more than 6,000 mobile phones via Facebook Messenger, Facebook for iOS and Android, Facebook for Every Phone, m.facebook.com and across other devices with Facebook integration," read the post.

Airtel had announced free access to Facebook for its prepaid subscribers till 15 February with up to 500MB data usage. Earlier in December, Reliance also announced a free messenger plan which allows prepaid customers to have unlimited usage of Facebook Messenger for ₹16 per month.

Facebook's India partners Airtel and Reliance are expected to announce new data plans in the coming days.