Facebook Readies New app to take on SnapchatReuters

World's most popular social networking site Facebook is reportedly working on a new photo messaging app similar to Snapchat, according to AllThingsD.

AllThingsD reported that the Facebook is churning its in-house photo sharing app to take on rival app Snapchat. The company is looking forward to launch the new untitled app in the following weeks.

"Facebook is currently testing its own built-in-house version of a "Snapchat-like" application, a messaging app which allows users to send impermanent photo messages to one another, according to sources familiar with the matter," said AllThingsD report.

According to the report, the newly-designed app of Facebook will integrate the unique selling point of Snapchat which allows users to share photographs within a set time limit. The 'self destructing' feature of the Snapchat ensures the privacy of the user. With this app the user can send photos to their chat partner who is inside the service with a specific amount of time chosen to view the picture. The receiver of the photograph will be able to see the photograph only for the set time, and after the allotted time the photo gets deleted from the sender's and receiver's phone as well as from the Snapchat server. The new app would add to Facebook's standalone apps Messenger and Camera apart from its main apps.

"After a user opens the new app, they're presented with a list of their current message threads between them and their friends. Hold your finger down on one of the threads, and a timer comes up to ask how long the message should be viewable. From there, you're able to send the message which, just like on Snapchat, will only be viewable for a fixed period of time," reported AllThingsD.