Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that allows users to send a variety of greetings to friends. Once Facebook makes it public, you will be able to send a wink, a high-five, a hug and a wave apart from the "poke" option.

What's more, each of the new greeting will interact with your friend's profile in a very unique manner. For instance, the "hug" greeting will embrace your friend's profile picture, while "poke" will give the profile picture a gentle nudge.

Facebook is giving 'poke' another chance with 'greetings'Facebook

According to a report in The Nation, the new options are under trial in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Columbia and France, and have been released in line with the 10th anniversary of "poke" option.

Facebook's new features are an attempt to revive the "poke", which is barely used these days. The "poke" is increasingly becoming a relic among the new methods of communication both on Facebook and other social networks. 

Twiiter/Travis Mollen
Twitter/David Jadon

Once the update is rolled out, users will be able to summon the new "greetings" under a "Hello" button on their friend's profile by just holding it down in the Facebook app, in the same way as how the "reactions' on a photo or status are used.

On the desktop version, a simple hover over the "Hello" button will pop up the options.

Facebook introduced the "Hello" button back in June, placing at on top of people's profile.

The new greetings will also have an "undo" button, in case you send the greeting by accident.

Note: The "Hello" button is still not available in India and might be released in the near future along with the greetings feature.