Facebook has contacted some YouTube video editors and producers to promote the company's video-based advertisement on the social network, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Facebook and these video content creators are now in talks over integrating advertisements and videos. The social media networking website hopes to undercut the predominance of YouTube online video advertisement market, where Google owns 20% of the market share.

The Wall Street Journal said that Walt Disney's digital episode series is available on Facebook through Walt Disney website's RSS news feed.

Additionally, "The Annoying Orange" -- an American comedy online series has a Facebook page with over 12 million followers on social media website. The videos are being delivered to Facebook users via the social network's news feed and individual accounts.

"Our partnerships team regularly has conversations with content creators about how to best utilise all of Facebook's offerings, video included," a Facebook spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook's effort reflects the company's aim to become popular through ad-videos. Currently, video content creators use Facebook to promote their creative videos, but people prefer to watch the videos on YouTube. Much of the video content used through Facebook was YouTube videos posted by individual fans.

Facebook has been working on this video push initiative for around six months now, a person familiar with the developments said on condition of anonymity.