To make its social media platform more popular, Facebook has added a new feature to share live videos with followers and friends. Dubbed "Live", the new feature is expected to make sportspersons, musicians, politicians and other influencers more active on the social media platform.

Live will help the celebrities build up a fan base and make them more involved. When you start streaming a Live video, it will appear in the News Feed of your fans, enabling them to comment, like and share with their friends. People who have recently interacted with the account holder's posts will also receive a notification when he or she starts a broadcast.

During the broadcast, the user will see the number of viewers and a real time stream of comments from people tuning in. One can respond to comments live during the broadcast, or choose to hide them.

After the broadcast ends, the video will be published on the user's page so that fans who missed can also watch it. One can also remove the video from his or her page.

To start a Live broadcast from Facebook Mentions, the account holder is required to tap on the Live video button and add an appropriate description for the broadcast.

One can view how many active users are watching the broadcast and interact with them in real time. The feature will also allow the user hide any particular comment and switch between the front and back cameras while recording.

Once done, one just needs to tap the stop button to end the broadcast. The video will be automatically saved on his or her Facebook page just like any other post.

Various international celebs like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Ricardo Kaka, Ahley Tisdale and Martha Stewart have already started using Live.