Improved photo story feature of Facebook
Improved photo story feature of FacebookFacebook

Facebook app now comes with a brand-new handy feature. The updated version of the app will allow users to upload a series of photos together and create an interactive photo story.

To make multiple photo-sharing easier, the new feature would arrange the preview of the photographs in a tiled format. The user then needs to choose the exact order in which they want the photos to appear on Facebook photo story.

If one wants to tell the story in a different order, they can tap on a photo and drag it to the desired position.

Once shared, the photos will appear in a new collage layout and would be visible to the user and his friends. Tapping into a photo lets you scroll through the story from beginning to end, as you created it.

The user can add an introduction to the story and even add captions to images individually. It allows tagging friends to the story and offers custom visibility feature too, which ensures sharing of images with only a select group of people.

Uploading photos on Facebook has become quite a rage with people uploading hundreds of images every day. Facebook doesn't allow hardcore photography features like DOF, Histogram and Metadata of images available on Flickr. It rather keeps it simple to make the platform popular among average users.

This new update is made on hand with the new version, available for download at Google Play Store and itunes store. To access this, you just need to update the app on your phone.