Facebook Down
Facebook DownScreenshot

With the development of technology and media, social networking sites have become a platform for people to express their ideas, views and most importantly, a go to place for news. 

On Tuesday, 27 January, Facebook and Instagram users worldwide have been facing issues in connecting to these sites via web and mobile apps from 12 pm IST.

The dependency on these sites has become evident as users have continuously been tweeting about the issue on Twitter. Hashtag #Facebookdown has now become a trending topic on the micro-blogging site. 

Check the reactions of the social media users below:

Tom Jensen

#Facebook is down, so the world population has a total of 8 billion spare hours to use today. What on earth are we going to do with them?

Osric Powell

So #Facebook is down. #Seriously, let's leave it that way and see how societies adapt. Can only be a good thing no?

Martin Wong

Is it ironic that #Facebook is a trending topic on Twitter when it goes down, I don't think it would be the same vice-versa.

Bryan Dorr

Well, with #Facebook being down, I'll miss reading fake shocking teasers posts, sponsored posts, and resetting my news feed to "most recent"

Rohit Kumar

Why don't @facebook use LinkedIn / Twitter to update its current status? #FacebookDown #Facebook

Tony Folden

#Facebook and #Instagram are down. It's just the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. People are coming out of their homes and... oh, Twitter


I guess I'm stuck tweeting tonight since #facebook and #instagram are down.

Anshul Chauhan

#Facebook is down because large number of indian people posted their selfies with @BarackObama #facebookdown