Are you addicted to social media; specifically Facebook? Have you that realised you need to let go of it in order to be sane again? Have you found other ways to actually make your life mean something? Have you severed all the connections with Facebook? Are you free now? Err...Well, I want to be but I am not and that's not because I am not being able to let go of Facebook; it's actually just the opposite.

Apparently, Facebook is like my ex-boss, who took it very personally whenever one of his employees quit and took days to get over the bad breakups. Facebook has a problem with letting go of its users.

I tried. I just stopped logging in. I have been on the social media platform for over nine years now; so you see once I stopped visiting the site, Facebook started ringing my doorbell. I received over 15 emails from the social media site; it just begged me to come back in all those emails.

Boy; am I special! Apparently not.

Actually, Facebook does the same with each of its users, who stop signing in for various reasons. While some do it because they actually realise that they have an addiction and want to make it better, other do it probably because they are worried that their personal data would be leaked from the social media site.

Well, the fear is not irrational; Facebook has recently proved that. Mark Zuckerberg's social media site has recently mistakenly leaked the personal information about nearly 100 million of its members to the third parties, which wrongly used it to fulfil their agenda.

While Facebook maintains its stand of saying that they are not losing users; according to a recent Pew study, only 51 percent of the American teenagers are on the site now; whereas the statistics were 71 percent in 2015. Also, this is the first time their numbers have dropped.

So, you might understand now as to why Facebook is so hell-bent on making all its users come back to the platform. Recently, even some well-known figures, including Elon Musk and WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, have publicly condemned the social media site, quit the platform and urged others to do the same.

During the #deletefacebook campaign, hundreds and thousands of Facebook users deleted their accounts. So, no matter how stubborn Facebook acts; the fact that more and more people are leaving the platform might not just be a hoax.