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Social media giant Facebook on Wednesday rolled out new special 'Diwali' Stories feature to enable users to share special video or image collection to share with their loved ones.

However, it will be available to only English users and for just one day. "Today, people in India will be able to see and share a collective Diwali. The Story that will appear on top of their Facebook News Feed, with additional promotions within the Feed.

This Diwali Story will only be available to some English language users in India and will last only 24 hours, just like any other story," Facebook said in a statement.

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Facebook has introduced special Diwali Story feature in India.Reuters

Here' how to use the Facebook 'Diwali' Stories:

Step 1: Click on 'Add to Story' which is on the top of the news feed on your Facebook wall.

Step 2: Then, Facebook opens the camera and below, there will be more than a dozen of effects such as masks, frames, and interactive filters that will help you add value to the photos and videos in terms of creativity and fun.

Step 3: Once done, Facebook will send a direct message with links to the Stories to the close family members and friends and they will know how you celebrated your Diwali festival.

This is an experimental feature first introduced with Halloween last week, and Facebook is expected to bring full-fledged version in during Thanksgiving and in Christmas holidays later in the year.

In a related development, Facebook is planning to introduce private reply option in its WhatsApp group chat feature.

Once the user sees a notification on WhatsApp group, he/she can tap on that particular message and the 'private reply' will pop up on the screen and continue communication with the concerned person, which will be not visible to other members of the chat group.

As of now, this is still in testing in Android, but it is expected to make its way to the iOS very soon initially via beta testing and finally release it on both the mobile OS platforms, most probably before the end of December.

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