Alien spaceship Bermuda Triangle
YouTube: Informoverload

Popular UFO researcher Darrell Miklos has discovered the ruins of an ancient spaceship in the depths of Bermuda triangle which he believes to have an otherworldly origin. After spotting the strange structure in the depths of the ocean, Darell Miklos revealed that the alleged spaceship was covered in 15 unusual protrusions. The researcher also made it clear that he has never seen such an object in his life before, hinting possible alien connections.

"It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that. It was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature. It's almost like there are five arms coming out of a steep wall cliff and each one of these is the size of a gun on a battleship. They're enormous and then there's five over here and five over there, 15 in total," said Darrell Miklos.

However, Miklos did not assure that the object might be a proof of alien life, instead, he took a neutral stand and said that he is waiting for more historical evidence to prove the extraterrestrial connection.

"I want to see what it is, because it may be nature-made, just a freak of nature. But given its placement in this particular part of the Caribbean and given what Gordon has told me about visitors from another planet and the things that I've seen, I think it's definitely worthwhile investigating," Miklos told Daily Mail.

As the discovery of Miklos went viral on the internet, conspiracy theorists have reiterated their contention that aliens might have visited earth thousands of years ago. These theorists argue that it was the arrival of aliens which enlightened the human civilization. As per people who believe in this theory, ancient Greeks and Indians had been in regular touch with aliens, and this was considered to be the main reason behind the advancements of these civilizations in the pre-historic age.

Some conspiracy theorists even argue that most of the Hindu Gods including Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva were actually aliens from deep space, and due to their advanced technology, people often misunderstood them as deities.