It was in Bhavesh Joshi where Priyanshu Painyuli managed to steal the show, in a big-screen film which was touted to be the second film to launch star kid Harshvardhan Kapoor. His debut film released at a time when Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Veere Di Wedding had released on the same date.

At a time when the audience had a different sort of craze to watch Kareena Kapoor Khan back on screen again post her pregnancy phase, Priyanshu managed to make his own mark, too. 

Priyanshu Painyuli

In his next big venture, he got the opportunity to work with stalwarts of Hollywood such as Russo brothers, Chris Hemsworth, however, he never got a chance to share the screen space with the Thor actor. During an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India the actor talked about his experience working with the visionary directors of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

The lockdown in Extraction is very different from the lockdown in India right now.

Umm, haha yeah I know. I mean the lockdown in the film is a terrifying one, which I mean one gangster trying to you know, like, so he can take revenge with his other gangster, the rival gangster in India, and there's this kid who is supposed to be extracted. And this lockdown (which is happening in India) is something which should not happen again, it is not something which we all wanted. In this pandemic we should be safe inside this is not the time to run on the street. Totally two different kinds of lockdown.

How did you land up in this role? 

Priyanshu Painyuli 1

It was unbelievable. In fact, in the beginning, I remember when I got the part in the film, I confirmed is it the same Russo brothers the ones who made Avengers? Then I got to know the cast, they are all brilliant actors. That is when I knew that I have to give my 110% for this. A lot of prep work went into it and the best part about working with these guys is that how much detailing they concentrate on and they are always open to suggestions, which make you a better performer.

Open to suggestions? That is not there in Bollywood? 

Yes, it is absolutely there in Bollywood, I am saying this from my experience. Thankfully, I have been with Vikramaditya Motwane. Today's work has become something like director and actor they collaborate and shoot a scene. This is how it all works, they take suggestions from actors, the writers they listen to the suggestions and work accordingly. I saw this happening here, but the prep here is more. I heard to learn Bangla which is not my first language.


But you didn't share single screen space with Chris Hemsworth.

Aah, the planning was like that, but I hoped they had something (for me with Chris). I used to keep joking around with director Sam Hargrave, and team, saying come on at least one scene where I am shooting him (Chris Hemsworth) or something, where I'm pointing my gun at him but what was very interesting was that this guy (I was playing) was not getting his hands dirty, he has an army with himself.

He watches the action happening, that's why Amir Asif gets very interesting. But as an actor, I definitely loved being directed by Sam Hargrave. These guys come from the Marvel world, so because I have also done action in Bhavesh Joshi, but it was martial arts there, I would have loved to do some action in this film, but maybe next time. Lets See

In Bhavesh Joshi, you died while trying to fight corruption, and in Extraction, you are the drug lord.

(I think it is) Wonderful. Because, as an actor, you don't want to be categorised as one particular type. You don't want to be kept in a bracket as an actor. People start to see you only in that manner. I'm grateful that at such an early stage in my career I am getting a chance to do such versatile roles. First of all in an international film, and I'm not a stereotypical Indian in the film. 

I remember speaking to Randeep and he was saying that this is not a western film where all of us are playing stereotypical Indian roles such as IT guys, or taxi drivers it is not that, we are not trying to be this funny guy. We have all got meaty roles. I want to keep experimenting, especially with Netflix I get to do such versatile roles.

Priyanshu Painyuli

So finally, are you a Marvel fan or a DC fan? 

Oh, Marvel. Even before I was working with these guys I remember post-Bhavesh Joshi, a lot of people had asked me, since the film had a little darker DC character, little batman-ish, but I'm a huge Marvel fan, this was like a dream, working with the Russo brothers.