During an exclusive, seven minutes telephonic, conversation with 16-year-old Rudraksh Jaiswal, it was difficult to tell whether the young boy was nervous or if (by now) he has already grown accustomed to his newfound popularity. The very fact that he kept referring to Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, and Sam Hargrave as 'Chris sir,' 'Randeep sir', and 'Sam sir', spoke of an unsaid mentor-pupil relationship that mostly Indian school children develop with their coach. 

"So, first of all, I feel really very blessed. When I was called for this audition, I went through five to six rounds then I bagged the role for Extraction. It wasn't easy, there was a lot of struggle involved. My mom and I would go for various auditions. Then when I got the offer, I was overwhelmed. I didn't know that Chris Hemsworth would be the producer (or my co-star). I didn't know what I was auditioning for but when I got it I couldn't believe my luck," Rudraksh told International Business Times. 

Rudraksh Jaiswal

"First of all, when I came to know I will be working with Chris Hemsworth...I grew up watching his films, his characters, he portrays all his characters with such uniqueness, it is so much fun to watch. It's so mesmerising," he continued while revelling the joy of watching one of Marvel's superhero in the flesh. Although he worked with him for several months, happiness has not worn off. (That's why there were a few discontinued sentences and answers).

"The first time I met Chris Hemsworth I was star struck, He was so handsome and the first thing I saw was his muscles. It has always been a fun experience for me. It has always been a fun learning experience for me, working with a legend like him. I had the majority of my scenes with Chris sir, he taught me the art of dialogue, voice modulation, how to pause in between the dialogues, and he enhances my skills and abilities. He also helped me during my action sequences and coined a few nicknames for me," he said while talking about Chris Hemsworth.

Rudraksh is mainly a DC Comics fan who also enjoys the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His favourite superheroes are Batman and Wonder Woman. But he feels more connected with the light-hearted sequences of the Marvel films.  

Rudraksh Jaiswal Extraction

"I watched the film Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and I loved Batman and Wonder Woman. But I also love MCU. I have watched every film, I feel a special connection with the Russo brothers. I loved the film Superman Vs Batman but I find a more strong connection with the Marvel movies," he said during a short interaction about Marvel and DC. Meanwhile, in the Bollywood world, it is Ranveer Singh who managed to impress as Rudraksh after his Rohit Shetty directed performance in Simmba.

In a film full of action-packed sequences, with jerky camera movements, Rudraksha, who played the role of Ovi (Jr), son of an Indian drug lord, played by Pankaj Tripathi shared the maximum screen space with the Hollywood star than any other cast members. 

"Yeah ma'am, I feel, that the fight sequence with Randeep sir had with Chris sir is incredible. They had been preparing for weeks. That intensity in an action sequence is very difficult and I feel Randeep sir is a very talented actor and Chris sir is a gem of a person.

Rudraksh Jaiswal

Throughout the action sequences, Rudraksh only had to pick up one musket, and most of the heavy-duties were taken up by Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth."Yeah, ma'am,  Extraction has very physically challenging sequences, a lot of action sequences. I do a lot of gymnastic, that helped me cope up with the action sequences. Sam sir comes from a lot of stunt background, he has directed so many action films, and yeah we had a lot of discussion about fitness. I use Chris Hemsworth's app, I used my backflip. I also got tips and techniques from Sam sir and Chris sir. 

Rudraksh Jaiswal

But lights, camera, action, cut were not the only conversations Rudraksh had with director Sam, who he called Sam sir. "My best memories were with Sam sir. He is a great singer, he used to rap at parties, we used to dance. With Chris sir, after Extraction shooting, we used to play a lot of football, we would swim and do gym together. We did a lot of pranks of the sets. We had a lot of fun together."