In the upcoming episode titled "Windmills" of Syfy's space opera drama "The Expanse" season 2, it seems that Holden's family will be in for a surprise as they will be visited by none other than Avasarala.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Holden and crew come to realise that they're not alone on the Rocinante and end up facing a Martian Marine blockade. At his bleakest point, Miller finds a new reason to keep going, while Avasarala visits Holden's family in Montana.

In the previous episode titled "Retrofit," Miller found information on a hidden data cube that was highly classified. Holden and the rest of the crew entered the Tycho Station, with Fred Johnson intending to prove Holden's testimony for legitimacy with the UN.

Holden made an unexpected alliance and shared everything he knew about the Cant destruction and MCRN Donnager. Johnson was fairly convinced that neither Earth nor Mars was protected from the attacks.

Meanwhile, Avasarala wanted to station his spy on Tycho Station so that he could be updated with every activity going on within the station.

Earlier, due to lack of options, the Canterbury '​s survivors accepted a treaty with OPA leader Fred Johnson to join him at Tycho Station, and they renamed their salvaged ship as the "Rocinante."

In a flashback, it was shown how Johnson became the "Butcher of Anderson Station" 10 years ago. As a UN Marines colonel, he had led an assault on a station occupied by protesting miners and killed all despite their surrender.

On Ceres, Miller discovered evidences regarding Julie Mao that led to the OPA, who was trying to recruit him through agent Anderson Dawes. However, just when Miller was about to inform Dawes about it, he was abducted by mysterious people.

"The Expanse" episode 7 titled "Windmills" will air on Syfy on 19 January.