Black magic
Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

In a chilling incident from Karnataka's Chitradurga, a self-proclaimed exorcist killed a three-year-old girl. The godman had reportedly beaten the girl to death to 'ward off evil forces' when her parents brought her to him. 

The girl was showing behavioural changes which concerned her parents and therefore, they brought her to the godman on the advice of his brother. 

Exorcist and his brother arrested for killing toddler

The girl was only two years old and was the daughter of Praveen, a shopkeeper in Chitradurga, Karnataka. The father had spoken to another villager, Parashuram about his daughter's health condition and that he wanted to get her help. Parashuram directed Praveen to his brother Rakesh who he said was a godman and exorcist.

Praveen and his wife then approached Rakesh a 19-year-old in the hope of getting help for their daughter in Ajjikyathanahalli, in Chitradurga. They took her to Rakesh who said he will help free the child, believing her to be possessed. 

At the temple on Sunday night, the exorcist began beating her with sticks to get rid of the 'evil spirits'. The parents were outside but they could hear the child crying. When they took her home, she was not responding and at the hospital, she was declared dead.

Rakesh and his brother Parashuram aged 25 have both been arrested by the police subsequently. A case has been registered against them under relevant sections of the IPC and Black Magic Act of 2017.