Fans of Korea's Kpop industry love their idols. It is no surprise then that SM Entertainment has made available their event, Halloween Wonderland, to those who want to watch their favourite artists party.  Of course, the event will feature those kpop idols managed by the agency. So expect to see members of EXO, Girls' Generation and more masquerade as zombies or perhaps a popular character from the Harry Potter series. 

SM Entertainment's official Facebook page stated that the agency is holding it's Halloween Wonderland on 31 October. The event is open to 400 fans, who could win a key by visiting Vyrl app's website. 

"SMTown Wonderland Masquerade Party, the mysterious lands that opens only once a year. There are 400 lucky keys that can enter these lands. Become the fortunate owner of a key by visiting Vyrl. Vyrl awaits you," the post stated

SM Entertainment's message was met with confusion from befuddled fans. Many of them wondered if non residents of South Korea could attend the gig as well. Some others hoped that the event would be centred around SM Entertainment managed Kpop band, f(x). 

Meanwhile, the girls of f(x) made their comeback with a new album titled, "4 Walls." Their new album represents a change in their music and style after band member Suli left the group. According to Allkpop, "Less than a day has passed since f(x)'s release and the MV has reached over 780,000 views on Youtube and is dominating in various charts in both Korea and China."

Watch f(x)'s MV, "4 Walls" here: