While some of the EXO members, including Baekhyun and DO, received criticisms from fans for enhancing their looks with the help of plastic surgery, Xiumin was appreciated by his followers for his stunning looks and appealing personality.

The admirers of Xiumin started discussing his good looks after several photos of him in shorts started doing the rounds on social networking sites. The images were taken in London during the filming of a video teaser, according to Koreaboo.

In the pictures, the EXO member is seen wearing a blackish-grey t-shirt along with a black jacket and a winter cap. Though the kpop star looks happy in the images, his fans criticised the filming crew for making him wear shorts in cold climate. "Did the staff know it was going to be cold? Everyone felt the cold once they arrived," wrote one of the admirers of Xiumin.

Meanwhile, another follower of the Korean entertainer praised him for treating his fans well and wrote: "I knew that he was handsome, but his personality's beautiful too.He treats his fans so well too. Keep up the good work!"

An admirer of Xiumin even stated that once he made his fans cry through his emotional speech. "He even speaks like an angel. At a recent concert he made fans cry saying, 'There's a saying that opportunity doesn't wait for you. You guy are our opportunity to EXO you guys are that opportunity. We will work hard so we don't miss you guys and always try to be at our best till the end," wrote the social media user.