EXO leader Suho a.k.a Kim Jun-Myeon spoke about his role in the band. In a candid interview with Hankyung, the singer said that he doesn't pay when he goes out with his band members and added that it is Chanyeol who treats everyone.

"During our trainee days I was the only college student while the others were in high school. I had some money from my allowance so I used it for my dongsengs. I actually became the cheap one [now] because I never pay when we go out for a gathering," Allkpop quoted him as saying.

The "Sing for You" singer rubbished rumours about his privileged lifestyle and revealed that he comes from a humble background. Born to a father who is a professor and a mother who is a mathematics teacher, Suho said he did his schooling in Gangnam district of Seoul, contrary to popular belief that he was born with a golden spoon.

"It's mostly due to how I often bought things for my members. All of that led to the articles and portrayals of 'Suho must have been born with a golden spoon', but in reality it's not really like that," he added.

Although most fans regard him as the leader of SM Entertainment's popular K-pop band, EXO, Suho, 24, himself retained a low profile, and said that most people misunderstand him.

The "Call me Baby" singer also mentioned that his strict diet regimen is very difficult for him to follow. "If the others don't know what they want, when we go drinking I usually grab a bag of cookies. But on the whole, because of my diet I can't eat chocolate and cookies, so it's disappointing," Soompi quoted him as saying.