Kris Luhan
The Seoul Central District Court has ordered a compulsory arbitration for Kris, Luhan and SM Entertainment.Facebook/Luhan, Kris

The legal battle between popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment and its former members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan is one of the most trending topics in Korean and Chinese entertainment industry as fans are still debating it.

According to a recent poll conducted by International Business Times, 58% of Exo fans said they don't want to see Kris and Luhan back at Exo, while 42% said they would love to see the duo on stage with other members of the boy band.

Some respondents said chances of Luhan joining Exo are higher than Kris because the team members will not be happy to see Kris back in the group, given that they had to face several challenges after his departure.

Meanwhile, Wang, a Chinese entertainment industry expert, has cited several reasons for the K-pop stars' departure during the World Knowledge Forum 2015 in Chengdu, China.

"At least 20~30 Chinese celebrities make approximately 100 million yuan (approximately $17.5 million) a year. However the income of Korean celebrities is far less. So if an artist has to choose a market to work in, the answer is quite obvious," Koreaboo quoted him as saying.

Wang even said the relationship between Korean agencies and Chinese members are weak mainly because the agencies are trying to control their artists. So, in order to maintain a good relationship with the artistes, the agencies may have to help them gain fame with individual activities by setting private workshops for them in China.

Here are some fan messages on the former Exo members' departure from SM Entertainment:


I will miss Luhan whom I can no longer see on stage quite often as I would have wanted, but I want what is best for him individually. Perhaps I am being a bit egoistic since I have no care about every one else other than Luhan. If he overworks himself, he may never be able to perform again. That I will not be able to handle.


I would love to see both Kris and Luhan come back, but honestly it seems impossible. I believe the lawsuits against the former members only deals with money. Most fans would either be against or with the return of the former exo members, but being realistic... They probably dont want to return and the other members may not want them either.


1stly...Kris and Luhan had the same reason to leave EXO and stated it as SME's bad treatment 2nd.. Kris left before their first concert and Luhan left after their first concert.. 3nd.. EXO members who has insta.. unfollowed Kris but they are still following Luhan.. can you all think why?? Kris could have left after their first concert like Luhan.. they had to change all their position because of Kris.. they had a good planning before their first concert and suddenly they had to change it all because of Kris..