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Will Former EXO Members Kris and Luhan Rejoin boy band?Instagram/Kris, Luhan

There are no signs of a settlement between popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment and its former members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan, notwithstanding efforts by the Seoul Central District Court to resolve their dispute.

In fact, the entertainment company has filed another lawsuit against Luhan and two Chinese companies for breach of contract in Beijing People's Court on 18 May. This is the third legal action initiated against Luhan by the company.

The first case against the 25-year-old was filed by the record label on 4 February through the Shanghai court and the second one was registered in a Hong Kong court on 10 February.

Meanwhile, the firm has stated that the former EXO members cannot promote individual activities until the court delivers its final verdict on the contract nullification case. "The contracts between SM and Luhan as well as Kris are effective until the court makes their final verdict on the matter and need to be kept," the company said in a statement. 

The record label even stated that any profitable activitity, such as advertisement, modelling or acting will be considered as breach of contract, and SM Entertainment will not just take legal action against Kris and Luhan but also against the companies promoting them, according to Soompi.

"These kinds of actions infringe upon the rights and interests of SM and the members of EXO, as well as creating serious issues for the contracts signed between SM and several affiliated companies both in Korea and abroad. This is creating an immense amount of financial damage. In addition, these unethical acts that betray the trust of their company and their fellow members are also clearly in violation of the law," added the firm.

The celebs and their legal representatives have not yet responded to the latest statement issued by SM Entertainment. So, fans are eagerly waiting to know whether the two will continue to fight against the record label or rejoin the boy band.

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