Find out why EXO member D.O. will not leave the boy band.Facebook/EXO

EXO member Do Kyung-soo a.k.a D.O. and rumours on his possible exit from the boy band are not new to the Kpop fans across the globe. This time, many of his followers slammed the recent buzz by gathering evidence from his previous interviews.

The main reason for the speculation was the 23-year-old singer's decision to stay back in Japan even after wrapping up their concert tour. A few of his terrified followers believed that he has plans to quit the music group in order to pursue an acting career.

The admirers expressed their concerns through various social media platforms and it immediately captured the attention of many Kpop fans.

However, some of D.O.'s persistent fans came forward and circulated evidences from his past interviews to reassure the concerned EXO Ls that he will not quit. 

A social media user posted a portion of his interview, wherein the young Korean heartthrob explains his love for the boy band. The post read as below (via Koreaboo):

"I'm a member of EXO. I would reject any offers that would affect the group. I identify myself with EXO. EXO is the reason I am where I stand and where I will be in the future. A member missing at group event being an inconvenience? Yes, I know this for a fact. I really do not wish to make my members uncomfortable. I bet my members think the same as well. There is actor Do Kyungsoo in me but in the depth of my identity, there is also EXO D.O. I am both actor Do Kyunsoo and EXO D.O."

Meanwhile, another follower of the EXO member uploaded a post, in which he revealed the reason for preferring music over acting. It read: "I would choose EXO if I had to choose between EXO and my acting career. My first priority is to not negatively affect all of the members. If I was giving EXO inconveniences due to my acting career, I would give it up without hesitation."

Although SM Entertainment is yet to respond to the recent buzz, it can be assumed that the Lotto singer will continue to be a part of the music group.