SM Entertainment says it will take action against those spreading rumours about their artists.Facebook/EXO

A number of SM Entertainment artists have been vilified online in the past few weeks. In response, the entertainment company took a tough stand and issued a stern warning against those who spread rumours and invaded their singers' personal life.

 In a recent statement, SM Entertainment said, "Recently, serious incidents hindering the privacy of our artists' have occurred frequently. The spread of malicious, false rumours, invasion of privacy, and more going on and offline have seriously damaged both the physical and mental healths of not only our artists but also their families and friends."

The company went on to say that it won't tolerate any more attacks on their artists and added that it would take "strong action" against those who've violated the privacy of their singers. 

"Once again, we appreciate all those who love our label artists. Please give your support and encouragement," SM Entertainment said. 

The vaguely worded statement from the company doesn't include names of artists who've been attacked online, but singers such as Girls' Generation member Tiffany and more recently, EXO member D.O. have been subject to numerous accusations.

Earlier, rumours of D.O.'s exit from the Chinese-Korean boy band surfaced online. Fans speculated that the 23-year-old singer could exit from EXO after he was found absent from some of the band's group activities.

D.O. aka Do Kyung-soo, who has been part of several hit Korean films, was targeted for suffering from an "acting disease" and fans added that he wouldn't have made his mark in cinema if it wasn't for the celebrity status achieved through EXO. 

However, D.O. isn't the only SM Entertainment artiste who has been on the receiving end of fans' wrath. SNSD member Tiffany aka Stephanie Young Hwang has been attacked and verbally assaulted for every social media update.

The Korean public, still angry about her controversial Instagram post, has even asked her to delete her account and focus on "self-reflection."