Conspiracy theorists all around the world have often alleged that NASA, the United States space agency is well aware of alien existence, and are intentionally covering it up for unknown motives. The claims made by these conspiracy theorists gained trust from the general public last year when Pentagon confirmed its secret UFO search program named AATIP (Advanced Areal Threat Identification Program).

As theories surrounding extraterrestrial life continue to gain popularity, Michelle Thaller, the Assistant Director of NASA has revealed that the space agency knows nothing more about alien life than what it has shared with the public. She also added that the existence of alien life could never be covered up, and made it clear that there is no threat to the earth from deep space.

"The day you see all the NASA scientists max out their credit cards and disappear, that is when you should worry. We are just people and if we knew something, there is no way to hide it. Whenever we find something that is even slightly interesting we go to the government and the press about it – we have nothing to hide," Thaller told Big Think.

Thaller, during her talk also opened up about the public's perception regarding a possible NASA alien coverup.

"This is something that is really difficult, people think we are hiding aliens, but that shows the gap between scientists and the public. We are now trying to involve the public in more than we do. I know this won't convince conspiracy theorists, but one of the things I love most about our science is how accessible it is," added Thaller.

The comments from Thaller came just a few days after Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher and conspiracy theorist spotted an apparently human-shaped structure on the surface of Mars. After making this discovery, Scott C Waring argued that this structure could be actually an alien fossil. Waring also urged NASA scientists to take a close look at the mysterious Martian structures to unveil these mysteries.