SBS series "The Laws of the Jungle" has revealed the adventurous side to Hani. The singer from all girl band, EXID, has jumped off a cliff, trekked through a forest and is learning to live with bare essentials on the reality show. Perhaps it wouldn't be possible without the help of her dear friend and co-star Jackson from the popular kpop band, GOT7.

On the latest episode of "The Laws of the Jungle", Hani and Jackson seemed comfortable and friendly. While entering her tent, the "Just Right" singer playfully asked Hani, "If you sleep alone..." To which she replied, "Do you want to sleep together?"

Perhaps Jackson did not expect Hani's reply. The singer looked visibly alarmed when he said, "No."

He further said, "If we sleep together, we will become the portal sites' number one searched item," according to Allkpop.

Hani and Jackson's friendship blossomed whilst shooting for the reality series. The EXID star posted several photos on her Instagram account with her new best friend.

Recently, Hani a.k.a Heeyoun Ahn posted a picture which captured her and Jackson's tired faces sans make up. She captioned the photograph, "Jackson, we look so different. I mean, sorry. Am I the only one who looks different...?"

Meanwhile, her band EXID is working on a comeback later this year.

You can watch Hani in "Laws of the Jungle in Nicaragua" episode here: 

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