Newbie actor Zaheer Iqbal made his debut with the film Notebook (2019). Despite having a close connection with Salman Khan he made his work speak for himself. From facing the wrath of nepotism to finding his way in Bollywood the actor has paved his way in the heart of the audience. 

In an exclusive interview with the International Business, Times India Zaheer Iqbal, spoke at length on facing trolls during the start of his career to facing the wrath of Nepotism, his equation with Salman Khan, whether he goes bare body for a role and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Zaheer Iqbal
Zaheer Iqbal

On being with Salman Khan at his farmhouse

I was with Salman Bhai at his Panvel farmhouse till three days before the lockdown started. We had a meeting there then I came back as I wanted to be with my mom and dad.

 On handing trolls and facing the wrath of Nepotism

There is nepotism in every field, a doctor's son would want to be a doctor, an actor's son you want to be an actor. But in my case, my dad is into construction business so when I was in college the dinning table talks would surround talks related to dad's business, I wasn't keen in going ahead with that. And my father knows Salman Bhai that's it. I did work to get the role. I did do workshops and training before the film Notebook. In fact, Pranutan she was quite worried about the entire nepotism tag surrounding her she used to tell me, 'I worked so hard, I gave an audition still I am tagged'. So, I told her to leave and once the film realizes everything will fade out. That's what I also believe in their trolls or tags people say things and eventually leave it. I don't hit back at troll's touchwood my fans only do the needful.

On OTT platform taking over theatres

I read the feud between Inox and Producers Guild of India. And I am of the opinion that both of them are correct in their own way. There is no way theatre will die. We all want that life back and want to go to a movie theatre and experience the movie viewing on screen. However, the producers are also in loss, they need to pay bills so streaming their film on OTT at this time is the need of the hour, there are so many light men, people who work on the set and the designers the profile coming in from this will help a lot during these time. Having said that theatres can never ever die.

On doing an explicit scene on the web if offered?

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Goal ??

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 I have been offered web shows, but due to COVID-19 outbreak, it's on hold. If the role requires a sex scene I am fin e with it but won't enact certain scenes just for the heck of it.

On how he is spending his quarantine days

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Dolay Sholay

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I am learning guitar; it will help me in my upcoming films and projects. I work out and edit my own videos and put it on social media.