Daughter of Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak, Sanah Kapoor, is taking her first step into Bollywood with "Shaandaar".

In an interview with IBTimes India, Sanah shares her experience working with her father Pankaj Kapoor and brother Shahid Kapoor in her first film.

Here are excerpts from the interview –

Tell us about your experience working in your debut film "Shaandaar".

I think the experience was amazing and nerve wracking at the same time, because while it was a great blast, we had so much fun on the sets and it is a great team that was working together, but it was also stressful because it's the first time out there and you are scared and nervous especially if you are working with your family.

 Since your father Pankaj Kapoor and brother Shahid Kapoor were also a part of the film, how was the atmosphere on the sets of "Shaandaar"?

Set was really chilled because Vikas sir was so chilled, he is great director and he is lot of fun, so the set was really fun and the film is also like fun film. So it was kind of fun working with them. Bhaiyaa (Shahid) was also fun and dad (Pankaj) was also great.

How did you land the role of Alia's sister Isha?

I got a call one day from casting director Mukesh Chabra's office completely unexpectedly, they asked me to come and audience for the character, and I did. And I think Vikas sir saw something in the audition and he really liked it and said this is the girl I want. He didn't know that I am Pankaj-ji and Supriya-ji's daughter, so when he found out he got a big shock and my family didn't know so they were also shocked. But when I read the script I fell in love with the character of Isha, so that is how Shaandaar happened.

So what was Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak's reaction when they came to know about your first film?

I think they both were happy and shocked. They were shocked because they didn't know that I was auditioning and happy because I was taking the first step towards what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

You always wanted to become an actor?

Yes, I always wanted to become an actor.

You are from a filmy family and your parents are very talented and respected actors, so is there any pressure on you when it comes to acting or how you carry yourself in the industry?

Yes, of course there is lot of pressure. I think people expect from you because you are from such a lineage, they expect you to be better than someone else. So I think there is a lot of pressure and I have to live up to the name that I carry and I do represent my parents so I want to live up to their expectations, people and audiences expectation.

Since you are starting your career with a supporting role, do you think it will hamper your chances of getting a lead role?

I think that in today's time and age, our audiences and industry has grown enough that we don't stereotype. I think as long as you are a good actor and you want to do good work, you can all kinds of role. So I don't think it will come in my way because we are more matured with time now.

How is your equation with Shahid Kapoor?

Me and bhaiyaa get along very well. He is my elder brother, protects me, pampers me, and loves me and I love him to death. He is like a typical older brother and I love him.

And what about your bond with sister-in-law Mira?

She is fantastic. I love her and she is so down to earth amazing girl that she fits into our family perfectly. She is also loving and caring. She and I get along very well because we have lots of common interests. She loves literature, I love literature, she and I love to shop together and we gossip.

Shahid as a brother or Shahid as a co-actor?

Ahh that is a tough one... hmm Shahid as a brother and always as a brother. He is a fantastic actor, but he is a brilliant brother.

Describe Shahid and Pankaj Kapoor as actors.

They are both really amazing. Dad is one of best actors that our country has, that is what I believe and he is honest with his work. He makes these amazing characters come alive. He makes each of them spectacle and something you wanna watch them again and again.

Bhaiyaa and dad have similarity, because both of them are great at characterization and both of them are committed to their work, but bhaiyaa is young and that is why he is more relaxed on the sets, whereas dad is more in his own tone.

Tell us about your favourite song from "Shaandaar" and why?

Gulabo... because I am Gulabo. This is the best song of the film as I am the Gulabo and there is nothing better. And I think audiences agree with me.

Who is your role model in Bollywood?

Don't have a role model in Bollywood. Anybody who is doing great work is a role model for me.

Lastly, after "Shaandaar", what is next?

I am in talks with lot of people and have read the scripts. Some things are materialising so in a few months you will see more of me.