It has been more than 12 years since Shahid Kapoor entered the film industry and he is still enthralling audience with his charisma.

Known for his chocolate boy image, Shahid started his journey as a background dancer, but who knew he would one day be one of the most loved and adored actors in the industry. Shahid made his debut with "Ishq Vishk" when he was just 21, and after working in more than 20 films, he is still a heartthrob for millions.

Shahid delivered his best role till date in Vishal Bhardwaj's "Haider" (2014) and after a year he is back with another film and this time it is a romantic film with Alia Bhatt.

In an exclusive interview with IBTimes India, Shahid explains why he decided to work with Vikas Bahl and how he has changed as an actor.

Here are excerpts from the interview –

You are trying your hands at different genres. Is it intentional or are you going with the flow?

Obviously, it is something I want to do, because I feel that there are various sides to me as an actor and I want to experience and explore all of them. Having said that I think you need to be really lucky to get all kinds of roles and get roles with filmmakers that you want to work with.

I have been really fortunate and it is a good time in my life, I mean my last film being "Haider" and "Shaandaar" coming this week and "Udta Punjab" coming later then "Rangoon" happening. All the films I am doing are very very different from each other and I am really enjoying the fact that filmmakers are coming with different types of roles, because it takes a lot of time for an actor to reach a point where people consider him beyond what people feel he has done or is capable of doing. It is just nice that people are giving me that opportunity and I am enjoying that.

Why did you choose this particular script?

Because I smiled through the entire narration of the script. I was so happy when I was reading the entire script. It made me feel really happy, I don't know I just had the happy feeling after the narration finished and I felt that I wanted the audience to feel the same.

Tell us your experience working with "Queen" director Vikas Bahl.

I couldn't believe he is the same guy who made "Queen" because he is so chilled out. You know somebody who makes such a good film and wins every best director award, so you would expect them to be little more serious, but he is so relaxed and so easy. He is very unassuming and doesn't have any chip on his shoulder, doesn't make you feel like he is somebody who has won two National Awards. And I guess that is why his films are so easy and they don't make you feel heavy.

How was it working with your "Shaandaar" co-star Alia Bhatt?

(Laughs) Too much fun. She is extremely talented so it was great doing scenes with her. We got along really easily and we never needed to break ice and we have done two films together -- Shaandaar and Udta Punjab -- and I think like we have really good energy so, superb!

Sanah Kapoor, who is your sister, is making her debut with "Shaandaar". How do you feel about it?

Very emotional, I still feel very very emotional about getting the opportunity to work with her. I still can't believe that she is debuted and her first film is releasing this Friday and the fact that it is together. I am very proud of her because she went and auditioned for the part and didn't tell anybody who she was and she got the role on her own merit. I am very excited to see how people respond to her because huge journey in her life is starting now.

Were you nervous sharing screen space with your father Pankaj Kapoor?

Very nervous and I think it will show in a couple of scenes here and there.

How is "Shaandaar" different from other romantic films?

I think only because of Vikas Bahl. I think he is this filmmaker who looks at regular situation in a irregular way. His take on things is very very different. There is certain way he interprets things, the kind of characters he creates and even the names of these two characters Jagginder Joginder and Aila Alia, its just so quirky, you know it is different and I think that is what so different about the film. Everything about how Vikas views probably you know about or I have seen before, but he views it differently.

There are reports that Karan Johar is not happy with the final product of "Shaandaar". How true is that?

Karan Johar is busy shooting his own film and I have no clue about this rumour. But anyway the film is ready and releasing in two days, so it doesn't really matter. But as far as I understand I don't think there is any such issues. He is very optimistic about the film.

What was your wife Mira's first reaction after watching "Shaandaar"?

I don't know, Vikas called and showed it to her and I don't know, I guess she liked it. I mean may be she will like everything I do, so I don't know.

How would you sum up Shahid Kapoor's journey from a dancer to a Bollywood actor?

I feel very fortunate to be where I am today, to be working with the people I am working, to be doing what I love doing, and I think I have done some decent films and some terrible ones, so the fact that I am still around and getting good work and people still believe in me is a good feeling.

What changes have you seen in yourself as an actor from "Ishq Vishk" to "Shaandaar"?

I don't think I am the same actor, I think I am a very different actor today. I think I was just a young kid trying to become a hero when I started with "Ishq Vishk" and I think I am somebody who would say that I have reached a point where I really want to explore myself as an actor today. I don't think I was that person 12 years back. So I think I am in a very different place today then I was 12 years back.

Your favourite film of 2015?

I really liked "Piku" and "Tanu Weds Manu Returns". I really enjoyed these two films.

One actor and director you want to work with...

I have worked with Irrfan (Khan), but I want to do something substantial with him because we had very little work in "Haider" together. And he is somebody I really have a regard for and I would love to work with him, except I probably look like a fool, but I still want to work with him.

I really liked "Piku" and "Tanu Weds Manu Returns", so Anand L Rai and Shoojit Sircar, these are two people amongst the newer lot, who I have really loved watching.