Sirio Berati
Sirio Berati

Sirio Berati is a visual/digital artist whose work is mainly focused on video production and portrait photography.

Sirio Berati : I directed and producted a photo and videoshoot for the most talked about event in Canada - Exclusive photographs of luxury cars in Montreal, Canada.

He is one of the youngest Albanian visual artists, who is enjoying a significant success in Canada. Initially with the prestigious Vogue Magazine and now, Sirio was offered a collaboration with Lamborghini Montreal in Canada as a photographer and videographer.

"As part of 'Formula 1' event, I directed a promotional campaign for Lamborghini in collaboration with GOSS Magazine in Montreal. Some of the photos will be published on the front page of the Montreal Times. Below I share with you exclusive shots taken at the event ", said Sirio.

How did the proposal from Lamborghini come to be part of it?

I'm a Formula 1 videographer and photographer here in Canada. Lamborghini found out I was going to do video and photos for 'F1' and offered me a collaboration with GOSS Magazine. Yesterday we had a collaboration again with Lambo and Goss, a more artistic approach to it.

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