Bollywood lost a gem Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14, his untimely demise has left his family, friends and film fraternity mourning. Since then social media has been abuzz with various theories surrounding his death. Various actors during this duration have come out and spoke about the importance of mental health, Sushant's death, issues that an outsider faces inside the industry and more.

Samir  Kochhar

International Business Times India exclusively spoke to Samir Kocchar who has paved his way through hard work and success, as he grieves Sushant's demise and requests social media warriors to remember the actor for his work. Samir also shared his journey where he spoke about giving auditions and getting rejections like every other newcomer must have faced.

Experts from the interview:

 Sushant Singh Rajput demise and nepotism

It's unfortunate that he has done this and no longer with us, one doesn't know the stress and angst he must be going through to take a step like this. The industry will most definitely miss a leading man who has been really doing good, had some fabulous projects and had a whole lot to look out for in the future as well.

Talking about my personal journey

There is a hierarchy at every profession and not everyone can be there at the top, as the entertainment industry is in the eyes of every person. It is very hard to get your foothold to make a name and establish. It's a constant struggle, it is not just about getting a break, it is about maintaining it, working hard towards and gradually climbing higher. You have to be mentally very strong to handle rejections. I have been to many auditions in my life, which I have not got when I was starting off, there were films that I wanted to do and didn't get. But the next day you have to wake up with the same zeal and enthusiasm and wait for the phone to ring for the right opportunities and move on.

I would like to say to all the actors, directors, aspiring people of media coming in here, it's a close-knit small industry and to make your presence felt out here, you have to be consistently persistent.

 On social media warriors

I don't understand the concept of social media warriors at a time like this. We have lost somebody who was an extremely special talent and we should respect his parents, fans, family, colleagues as they have lost someone near to them. To the warriors I would like to say, you can't single-handedly point at one person or 10 -20 people for what has happened. There was something obviously going on with him personally. At this moment don't dwell deep on why it has happened, remember the great work that he has done.

On the need to address mental health

It's absolutely tragic. It's imperative that we talk a whole lot more about mental health and well being especially in today's life. There is a stigma in our country when it comes to meeting a psychiatrist or councillor for help and this has to change. Why go through life struggling to make things right or live in grief when things can be made better with just a chat or a pat on the back knowing someone is there. It's very hard to know how someone else is feeling under the facade of being normal so I feel the first step has to be taken by the person in grief to understand that there is nothing wrong in feeling so and one small step towards wanting to make things better will go a long long way. Life is hard and throws up challenges at every level. It's up to us what we choose to make us smile. 

 On the work front, Samir Kocchar was last seen in Four More Shots Please! Season 2.