This day that year was different! IPL would air on TV and all of us would cheer for our favourite teams. With coronavirus outbreak, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been cancelled and not only the cricket buffs, people who have been associated with the cricket game also seem to be missing IPL.

Samir Kochhar

Samir Kochhar who has been hosting pre-match Indian Premier League show, Extraaa Innings T20 right from its season one, is missing his favourite show.

The actor and producer have been part of many films and web shows, last seen in Netflix India's Sacred Games. He will now be seen in Four More Shots Please! Season 2

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India Samir Kochhar spoke in length about how is he spending his quarantine time. During a candid chat, he also spoke about how much he is missing hosting the IPL season. Lastly, he told his fans to watch his upcoming web show Four More Shots Please!

On missing IPL

Samir Kochhar photoshoot

"Yes, I'm missing the IPL of course. Especially more this year as with my production house 'The Goodfellas Projects' we were creating a very cool show for Flipkart around the IPL and I was going to host it alongside on Cricbuzz too. It's been a very special tournament for me as I've been there from season 1 game number 2 till now. However, with the situation at hand and people falling ill all over just very grateful that I'm at home with my family," Kochhar said.

On how is he spending quarantine time with his kids and family:

"I'm doing pretty alright given the circumstances around spending some fab time with the kids and Radhika. My in-laws have moved in with us too so it's a packed house for us and brimming with indoor activity. I'm keeping my acting skills intact being different characters from the Avengers while I play with my 5-year-old son Kabir. We celebrated his birthday on the 5th April so we baked a cake and did multiple calls with his friends on a video call to celebrate."

"My baby girl who's 2 and a half (Sara) is teaching me how to be a good pet as she takes me for walks and plays pet. The day goes in the house and hold chores some cooking and cleaning taken up the master class course online which has been superb and currently taking a class about screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin evenings I get on the phone with my friends and chat on zoom."

Kochhar's web show, Four More Shots Please! Season 2 will be streaming from April 17.

When asked if this is the best time for his web show to release as people are involved in watching web shows.

About his web show

I'm hoping so, that people like and enjoy the series.

We hope next year IPL returns with a bang and we get to see Samir Kochhar hosting the show just like good old time.