Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao

Though they both had done a lot of work before, it was Rochelle and Keith's chemistry on Bigg Boss that made them household names. The spark in their relationship and their honesty was what kept them going for long in the show. Though the duo couldn't take home the trophy, they did win everyone's heart and continue to do so with their lovey-dovey pictures on Instagram. International Business Times spoke to the couple exclusively on their journey in the show and are they in it to win it or enjoy it. Take a look.

Who is a better dancer between the both of you?

Rochelle: I think that we have both figured out that we kind of are the non-dancer people, and we have a lot to learn. Though I think that Keith is better with being more disciplined with working on his body and staying healthy. Keith is also someone who doesn't forget something once he learns it, though coming to me, I have a little bit more of the flare but tend to get distracted easily. I also tend to get a bit emotional when I dance. So both of us do have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Keith: We have been going back and forth about this but I feel that Rochelle is the better dancer here. She has got a lot of talent and groove when it comes to dancing so yes, it's her.

What would you say is your USP as a couple that sets you apart from rest of the contestant couples?

Rochelle: I think for this show, every couple's USP is of course the intricacies of their relationship. And what I love the most about Keith and myself is that we always try to protect each other and help each other, no matter what. And our goal in life is to always be united. It's also very refreshing to experience life with somebody who is always on your side. So for us, that probably is our USP! We want to have fun together as well as learn something new together, and keep the balance.

Keith: I think that in terms of us as a couple, we are very real which we can effortlessly put across. Exactly what you see is what you get with us, and that is honestly what people have always loved us for. And it is also something we will be showcasing on the show.

Who do you think would turn out to be your biggest competitor on the show?

Rochelle: The competition is really strong this time around, though I don't see anyone as my personal competition as such, but as far as the fan following is concerned I feel that girls like Anita and Shraddha have a lot of it as they are really big on TV. Prince and Yuvika as well, who are the only two who have a perfect balance of having a strong fan base and being good dancers. Though the surprise package till now has been Vishal and Madhurima, who have a lot of grace and confidence while dancing.

Keith: It's tough to say anything at this point in time, as firstly we don't really look at everybody as competitors. Though everyone here has their own unique style of dance. Aly and Natasha, Prince Yuvika, and even Shraddha are all great at what they do, including their fan base which is quite huge.

Are you in it to win it or enjoy it?

Rochelle: You cannot enter any reality show without being in it to win it! And coming to me, I am a competitive person so once I get into something I definitely want to win it! But this time around enjoying Nach Baliye is the main part of the process. You have to be enjoying yourself to specially keep the audiences entertained as well as keep your own energy high to perform at that particular level on screen.

Keith: Eventually you have to first enjoy the competition, otherwise you are just going to end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Though at the same time you are there to win this, so each performance has to ideally outdo the previous one!