Mumbai's Finest is one of the first Rap and Hip-Hop crews from Mumbai. Mumbai's Finest lineup presently includes Ace, Diefferent, Nasty Ninja and producers D Hood and I'n'Stine; D Hood is a beat-boxer too.

Mumbai's Finest is one of the pioneers of the rap genre in India. The crew has been independently producing music since 2006. They have dropped a number of tracks and music videos and even performed at numerous shows. Their tracks have been featured on the TV channel and website of MTV Indies. They have even also been on the cover of Rolling Stone India

Rolling Stone India magazine
The Mumbai's Finest crew members have even also been featured on the cover of the popular magazine Rolling Stone India.Mumbai's Finest Crew

The crew's latest achievement was to be a part of a music video called 'Yaara' which features the Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman, along with Salim-Sulaiman, Mithoon, and nine of YouTube's biggest internet stars. The music video amassed over 2,448,050 views over a span of five days. They even performed live, sharing the stage with Rahman on November 11, 2016 in Mumbai. Here's the link to the song:


International Business Times India got the opportunity to talk to rapper Ace, who is also the founder of the crew.

IBT: What do you rap about?

Ace: My raps are usually about my experiences, my life and what I go through, I don't really rap much on topics like politics. The listeners have started looking up to me so I feel I should be more careful before thinking about a specific topic to rap about. My raps are usually about Mumbai and what it means to me.

IBT: What was it like to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?

Ace: The magazine had researched the rap scene in India and they found out about me and the crew. After being covered by this magazine we got a shot to perform at an event for Twitter India too.

IBT: How was the overall experience of sharing a stage with AR Rahman?

Ace: It was a proud moment and a dream come true, it felt great to see that the venue where we performed was sold out and even the music video 'Yaara' received millions of views on YouTube and is doing really well.

IBT: When do you plan to drop your next track? What is it about?

Ace: My next track is called 'Shattered Dreams' and I'm planning to release the music video on November 18, 2016. This song is a motivational and inspiring track, the teaser of the song is out on our official Facebook page.