Telugu's actor Vishnu Manchu is all set to appear on the screen in an upcoming movie titled 'Mosagallu'. Kajal Aggarwal portraying his sibling's role in the movie, this movie is one of the much-hyped ones in recent times.

In conversation with the International Business Times India, Mosagallu (Arjun and Anu in Hindi) Vishnu Manchu speaks his heart out:

Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Aggarwal in Mosagallu movie

Q. What fascinates you about the 'Mosagallu' story and how exactly did you conceive this concept?

'Mosagallu' is based on true incidents. It's all about two siblings involved in one of the biggest scams in India. When I read articles and came to know about the masterminds behind the IT scam, I was perplexed at their guts. Both of them come from a slum in Mumbai but shook many companies in the United States of America. I wanted our people to know this story. That is how Mosagallu got conceptualized.

Q. How did you think a foreign director like Jeffrey Gee Chin could create that impact keeping nativity in the mind?

Mosagallu was earlier planned to be made in English only. But, as we dug into the incidents deeper, we felt the need to make this movie in Indian languages as well. As far as the story and concept are considered, it is the emotions that matter first. So, I believe Jeffrey has succeeded in creating a good impact on the emotions.

Q. What did you do to prepare yourself for this role in Mosagallu?

The first thing I had to work on, is my looks. I had to play the younger brother to Kajal Aggarwal, where in reality, she is the younger one to me. So, I had to prepare myself to look like her younger brother.

Q. As Mosagallu unveils a scam, this movie is expected to thrill the audience. What are the other entertaining factors the audience could expect?

Mosagallu is a movie that not only showcases the scam, but also the emotions between the siblings. Money is the most important thing, but emotions dominate.

Q. Why not Lakshmi Manchu in Kajal Aggarwal's place?

This movie banks on curiosity. I never had plans to get Lakshmi roped in to play this role. Kajal Aggarwal is apt as my sister in this movie because it creates a different rapport which is to become one of the highlights of the movie.

Q. Could you elaborate on the roles played by Ruhi Singh, Navadeep, and Naveen Chandra?

Ruhi Singh plays my love interest. Navadeep and Naveen Chandra portray the real-life characters who were involved in the scam. We had researched every character and hence they appear apt in their respective roles.

Q. How was it working with Suneil Shetty?

Suneil Shetty is so down to earth. His acting prowess is unbeatable. I had a very good experience working with him.

Q. What did lockdown teach you?

A hundred rupees in your hand is more worthy than a thousand in the form of properties. This is the lesson I learned in the pandemic.

Q. What are your upcoming movies and have you prepped yourself to act in any web series?

I am working with Srinu Vaitla for the sequel to 'Dhee' which is titled 'Dhee Dhee' which indicates the 'Double Dose' in entertainment. I would love to act in web series if given any good opportunity.

Mosagallu is all set for its huge release on 19th March. The movie is releasing with the title 'Arjun and Anu' in Hindi and Tamil, while it is titled 'Anu and Arya' in Malayalam.