Juhi Parmar
Juhi Parmar

We got in touch with Juhi Parmar has always been vocal about maintaining a positive mind frame and a healthy body. So amid the stress related to the 21 day lockdown as a precautionary measure against coronavirus pandemic, we got in touch with Juhi to shed some light on life during lockdown.

How are you taking precautions and maintaining hygiene during this period?

I have always been a big stickler for hygiene as it's important being a parent. Kids tend to get infections quickly, so we have to be extra careful during this time. I am making sure we are washing our hands with soap several times a day. I have also been homeschooling Samairra and teaching her about germs and the current environment we are living in so that she can ask me all the questions she has and understand the scenario rather than be scared or create her own assumptions.

Juhi Parmar
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How are you taking care of her househelps (driver, cook, maid etc) during this phase?

I understand the importance of this curfew and hence have given our house help a paid leave from over two to three weeks ago. My entire family is chipping in doing the chores.

A lot of talk about immunity is going on to boost the fight against the virus. What are the exercises and the diet plan you are following now?

Honestly, for us it's all about eating right and being fit. We are eating right, eating healthy and good food. We are also making sure to have food at regular intervals at home. For us it has always been about no fried, no oily food. We are also drinking lots of water. Last but not the least, we are also taking some turmeric tea to keep our immunity high.

How to maintain peace of mind amid such tough times?

We should look at it as the time given to us to cherish the family we have and be surrounded by our loved ones. Do the things you don't get the time to do otherwise. We are spending time with family and trying to do all that we usually don't get to do like playing board games, cards, antakshari or whatever you wish to do. It's important to be updated but to constantly check on the news is depressing. We are cooking, homeschooling, playing, talking and just bonding as a family!