She came in as an underdog and won the hearts of viewers. Marathi actress Megha Dhade, the Bigg Boss Marathi 1 winner was one of the most dramatic contestants on the show but did not change her behaviour or nature through the 100 days that she stayed inside.

Viewers began to warm up to her personality and eventually voted for her in high numbers. Megha Dhade went on to win Bigg Boss Marathi, beating the other finalists Pushkar Jog and Smita Gondkar.

In a chat with International Business Times India, Megha Dhade spoke out about how being in the Bigg Boss Marathi house was a dream come true for her and how she played with all heart. She also hits out at her BFFs on the show, Pushkar Jog and Sai Lokur, for their betrayal, and who she thinks could have won the show.

Excerpts from the interview with Megha Dhade where she talks about her journey on Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1:

IBTimes: Congratulations on your win at the first Bigg Boss Marathi. When you first went inside the house, did you think you would win Bigg Boss Marathi?

Megha Dhade: Thank you very much. On the first day when I entered the house, it felt like a dream! I thought, now that I'm here, I will taste success for sure. I always knew that the show was a competition and that is how it should be treated. I had thought I would not make too many friends. But the heart gave in and I made some good friends inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house - Sai Lokur, Pushkar Jog, Sharmistha Raut, Aau (Usha Nadkarni), Rutuja Dharmadhikari... We may think we'll not let our heart rule our head in the game, but the heart takes over. I played the game with all my heart.

IBT: So, you did not have a strategy in place before going in, as most people are assuming?

Megha Dhade: Who has said you could play the Bigg Boss game just by studying it? This is not a school exam to clear after studying. If that were true, Bigg Boss could be won by simply watching the previous Bigg Boss episodes (in other languages) on YouTube. But that's not the truth. Bigg Boss can only be won if you win hearts, which in turn can only be done if you manage to reach people's hearts. And for that, you have to be true to yourself. If you play the game as you are and be honest, just leave it to the audience to decide whether they love you or hate you. If you're true to yourself they will love you or else they will not even take a second look at you. I feel I have succeeded in winning hearts. Some people have said that Megha was only after the trophy, but I feel one can only win Bigg Boss if you manage to win hearts.

Bigg Boss Marathi 1 winner Megha Dhade
Bigg Boss Marathi winner Megha Dhade                                                                                                     Shweta Parande | IBT

IBT: Well said. You talked about finding great friends on the show. But towards the end, did you feel that Sai Lokur and Pushkar Jog let you down with their allegations?

Megha Dhade: Yes. I felt that very strongly. I felt very bad and even told Sharmistha (Raut) that if they are thinking bad about me, let it be. The audience is watching and they know the truth, and it is they who will give the judgement about who was right and who was wrong. If Pushkar and Sai had made any allegations against me, I would say that I had faith the truth would come out, as the 'Bigg Boss' can see everything! And it is through Bigg Boss's eye that the world sees the truth. Whatever has happened (her victory in the Bigg Boss Marathi finale) is proof of the fact that their allegations were false.

IBT: A hundred days inside the must've been difficult to survive?

Megha Dhade: Of course, it was difficult. The journey was very thrilling, but Megha is a girl who loves to have thrill in life! I feel life gets boring if it's running on just one track. So, I have had many lovely moments inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house along with the other contestants.

IBT: What is your most memorable moment inside the house?

Megha Dhade: When I was first made the captain! And (recalls with a twinkle in her eye) another moment was memorable - I celebrated my birthday inside the house! It falls on May 22 and it was my wish that my birthday should be celebrated inside the Bigg Boss house, and it was fulfilled. The third most memorable moment for me in Bigg Boss Marathi was when in the end my entire journey inside the house was replayed before my eyes by Bigg Boss. Looking at the clippings, I patted myself on the back and said, 'Wah beta, Megha. Shabash! Acchha kiya tumne.' (Well done). That was one proud moment for me.

IBT: What do you intend to do with the prize money of Bigg Boss Marathi (Rs 50 lakh)?

Megha Dhade: I have not decided yet. It's been just a few hours and it's still sinking in that I have finally won Bigg Boss.

IBT: What did your husband and kids say to you after your victory?

Megha Dhade: They said, "We knew you would win!" That's not just their love speaking, but their faith in me. It is also a reply to people who said I faked it on the show. My family knew that I was the same Megha in the Bigg Boss Marathi house as in my own home, I was not faking it. Everybody knows the truth.

IBT: Who do you think could have won Bigg Boss Marathi, if not you?

Megha Dhade: Sharmishtha Raut was a strong contender. Her only disadvantage was that she came in late into the show as a wildcard entry and didn't get enough time to make a mark. If she were in the Bigg Boss Marathi house right from day one, she would have been strong competition. She did become a finalist and that itself is a big thing.

IBT: Will you go inside the Bigg Boss Hindi house say, if say, Salman Khan calls you?

Megha Dhade: I would happily go! And create the same dhoom (drama) in Bigg Boss Hindi that I created in Bigg Boss Marathi.

IBT: What are your new projects at work after winning Bigg Boss Marathi?

Megha Dhade: I have not connected with people yet for work. I have just put my phone on (after coming home from the Bigg Boss house). I don't know what I will do next, but I will continue to entertain people, whether it is through films, television or theatre.

We wish Megha Dhade all the best! Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 repeat telecast began on Colors on July 23.