Remember the cute and bubbly actress Geeta Basra who entertained us in films like Dil Diya Hai and The Train and many more? She then became the talk of the town in Bollywood. Well, her fans and the audiences wanted to see more of her, but she had bigger priorities and plans than her reel-life. After taking nuptial vows with Harbhajan and having blessed with a beautiful baby girl Hinaya Heer Plaha, Geeta started declining movie offers and decided to focus on her relationship and family.

In an exclusive Tete-a-Tete with International Business Times, India, actress Geeta Basra spills the beans on embracing motherhood, making the most of lockdown time with her family Harbhajan Singh and daughter Hinaya, and last but not the least her plans of coming back on screen.

Geeta Basra

Excerpts from the Interview

On declining movie offers to give time to the family!

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I got a lot of projects but I let go of good projects because I wanted to give time to my daughter Hinaya.

On changing times in the industry?

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My lifelines ❤️

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I am so glad that times have changed today.  Back then when I had joined the industry there were so many restrictions. For instance, if you are married you find difficulty in getting a role, forget married, even if you are dating you or committed you were not offered good roles Nowadays, things have changed and evolved a lot. A lot of woman-centric scripts have come up. even if you are married, having kids you are not judged by your personal staus, the scope for the women-centric role has widened. 

On being a celeb mom

A mom is a mom and every actor or celebrity has their own way of looking at their career or raising a child. It was my decision to be with Hinaya during her childhood day and give her time and attention. Yes, we do have a maid but I am always there right from the time she was born, from feeding her to putting her to sleep, I have been part of her life every single day till now. However, there are many friends of mine who have started working after a few months of being a mom and that's their decision. Now as Hinaya is a little grown-up I had decided to make a comeback but as lockdown began things have pushed a little.

On having no objection on Hinaya being clicked by papped 

I am not against her being clicked. Having said that I don't want her to be overexposed to media. She is born in a family where both her parents are a public figure and I can't hide her, Many a time she is papped by photographers when we are out having dinner, or at the airport and she knows it by now. In fact, there are many times when fans want to take a picture with her, which I don't allow them to take. Rest, in fact, I also share her picture on social media when required.

On Hinaya's reaction seeing Harbhajan Singh on TV

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Oh! She loves watching matches and seeing her papa platyng onscreen and in the stadium. In fact, she even plays cricket and is always ready with her bat when she was very young.

On Hinaya watching her mom on-screen

Not much but yes, she has seen my video on social media wherein I am dancing at a wedding and since then she has picked up steps and started dancing.

Who pampers Hinaya more?

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My travel partner .. ❤️

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Harbhajan Singh pampers her more, I am strict and the disciplinary one. I make sure she eats on time, sleeps on time, she only watches TV for an hour or so in the afternoon. 

Harbhajan doing during the quarantine

This is the first time the he has got so much time with us, earlier he would always be busy on tours, meeting, matches and he would not get time to spend time with us. I am glad he is getting much more time with Hinaya and me. He (Harbhajan) is enjoying cooking. He's learning new dishes and has gone into the kitchen for the first time in his life. When it comes to dividing the time with Hinaya (her daughter), I think we both are there with her constantly. I am baking with her, so we made some cookies and cakes, and she is enjoying that.

We can't wait for Geeta Basra to get back to silver screens!

Meanwhile, check out some inside photos of her with baby Hinaya and Harbhajan Singh.

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Good morning India ?? ... back to the bay.. ?

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