Actor Kirti Kulhari is on cloud nine after the stupendous success of Amazon series Four More Shots Please! Season 2. The series has got a raving response from one and all and its touted to be one of the most binge-watched series during the lockdown. But do you know when the series was released Kirti went off social and followed three days of digital detox, ie from April 17 to April 19.

Yes, that's right...

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, Kirti Kulkarni opened up on why she went off social media on the day her series Four More Shots Season 2 went live. The actor further shared how relatable is her on-screen persona  Kirti with Anjana and how's she is spending time during the lockdown as her husband is away!

Kirti Kulhari

Excerpts from the interview:

On digital detox

 I purposely went off social media on April 17, because I was getting addicted to social media and was spending too much unnecessary time scrolling and seeing the feed. I was continusouly giving interviews and promoting the show and I relased i am spending alot of time on social media. I knew the moment the series will go live I will get messages and I will end up replying and spend more time so took a little break from social media and came back after three days and thanked everyone for showering me with so much love.

On the similarity between Anjana and Kirti

I personally love this show, not because I'm a part of it. I'm genuinely very proud of the show for what we are trying to do and for the different things that we are trying to show. It really has impacted me personally as well. I have grown a lot with the character. There are certain traits of her that even I have liked - her professionalism, her ethics, the way she stands for things. Having said that, there is a vast difference between Anjana and Kirti in real life,  Anjana goes through different issues in life, she is divorced, a single parent she has own ideologies, many women relate to her. Honestly, everyone has their own mess in life. As an actor, I am performing a certain scene so I can't say how would I deal with if I was in a given situation as Anjana is.

 On how she is spending time during the Lockdown

Like everyone else, I am also busy with household chores. As my husband is away, I am catching up on film, web shows that I didn't get time before.

 What will you do after the lockdown is lifted?

I will go for a drive, I know the whole of Mumbai will be out but I would still want to go somewhere maybe on a trip as I am an avid traveller and I miss travelling.