As all are locked in our homes and anxiously waiting for the lockdown to get lifted, quarantine Amazon Prime Original, Four More Shots Season 2 came as a visual treat for fans. The cast includes Kirti Kulhari (Anjana), Bani J (Umang), Maanvi Gagroo (Siddhi), Sayani Gupta (Damini), Lisa Ray (Samira), Milind Soman (Dr Warsi), and Prateik Babbar (Jeh) in pivotal roles. Helmed by Nupur Asthana, the show revolves around the story of 4 women who chase their dreams and challenge the misogyny.

The season 2 picks up from where season one ends. The audience can connect to some past stories like Anjana still has her daughter Arya and her boyfriend Arjun (Ankur Rathee). While Umang is away from Samara. Damini is still struggling with her new book and spending time with Dr.Warsi. Siddhi, on the other hand, has just come back after spending Sneha's money and has been trying to convince her father that she can do something in her life. The girls have a lot going on in their lives, complexities, confusion, wrong decisions, the undying love for each other and trust. With some ups and down these girls flawed lives have a deeper meaning to given situations in life.

Four more shots please season 2

Confidence and belief are what that will take you places. And In the end, love doesn't mean just sacrificing yourself. Love means respect and togetherness. And lastly, women in this world can live without men. Truly live, happily.

Here are some moments in the show that will make you hug your girl gang right away! Beware SPOILERS ahead:

  Bani J's undying believe in love

Bani's character Umang knew about her sexuality but her family never appreciated her love for same-sex love. However, her character never lost hope and tried to convince her rather orthodox Punjabi family. If that was one of her battles she had one more fight to conquer. Samira, a failed successful actor, falls prey to a dreadful disease bipolar and doesn't want media to know about her sexuality. Despite knowing that Samira will never open up in front of the world Umang stands by her side patiently and calmly. Umang teaches us that love is beyond everything and the power of love cures everything.

 The way you handle your career, you cant handle your relationship the same way

Damani (Sayani Gupta) a prominent journalist left her own website as she stood up for the truth.  She gives it back to the patriarchal society and pens down a controversial book which eventually isn't taken by the publisher. Despite having arch lights from the press and society, her never give up attitude is something to look up for. Although her strong and robust nature as a journalist makes her a powerful woman at the same time she gets weak taking relationship decisions. From not aborting Dr Warsi's (Milind Soman) kid to going up and sharing everything with the person she loves Jeh. However, string you are as a person you have your share of weak moments. Your love is your strength and your weakness too.

 Finding yourself   

Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo) who has always been under the clutches of her mother Sneha gives her life a shot and decides to not just take extravagant trips from her parents but aims to becomes something her parents are proud of. After failing in various professions, she finally finds her hidden talent and turns out to become the most relatable stand-up comedian. Sneha, her mom who never supported her in season 1, stood by her. This teaches that even if your parents didn't support you at one point in life, they will never leave your back and stand by your decisions even if they know you would fail a million times.  But at the end of the day, it's not what our parents choose for us but what we choose for ourselves define us.

Adulting is tough at every stage of life

Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) a mother of a 5-years-old girl, falls for a man who is married despite her friends warning her that she will fall flat. She tries to find rebound in every other person just to get out of the baggage of her failed marriage. This is exactly what many of us do, we find a rebound to get away from our past we find another and then the chain follows. We do listen to people, and somewhere we know we are wrong but we do things that our heart decides at the spur of the moment.

Happiness is not in men but in finding yourself

Those who have watched the last scene of Four More Shots Please! will understand how Bani despite fighting odds was at the aisle to take nuptial vows with her love Samira But she chose to not get married because Samira only thought about her career post marriage. This does justify that we give life, breath, time everything for the person we love, nothing ever can last if there is no respect. Bani teaches us an important lesson never take yourself for granted in love. You never lose your self worth in love.  In the end, the group hug and tell us that woman can live without men. True happiness is finding yourself in the journey called life.

 Not to forget the men in the show

Milind Soman's character who as a gynecologist always deliverer babies but his life took a U-turn when he learned that Damini is carrying his child. In life, you always take responsibility for the things you do knowingly or unknowingly and if you don't take the onus of the mess-ups you do better start taking.

While Jeh's (Parteik Babbar) character teaches us that how much ever you trust even if you are betrayed you don't give up. He is a dream character for every girl. Every guy will wonder why girls fall for people like Jeh. But there is something in him that draws you towards it. His silence and patience are what we all millennial need to imbibe.

On top of this, most people have a problem with the show, calling it TOO MODERN, TOO VULGAR, TOO OBNOXIOUS. I'd say that women from the society that the show displays are like this, maybe some of the show is exaggerated, but not all of it.