Bigg Boss 13 to have only celebrity contestants and no commoners
Bigg Boss 13 to have only celebrity contestants and no commoners.Instagram

It has recently been reported that Bigg Boss 13 will have no commoners but only celebrities as contestants. While reports claimed that the decision was taken as the format did not work well last season, the actual reason seems to be more than that.

It has been learnt that the makers of Bigg Boss decided to do away with the commoner contestant format for season 13 as no big celebrity wants to share the house with common people.

The makers of the show have been finding it difficult to get popular Bollywood and TV stars on Bigg Boss as they are not comfortable staying with commoners. Hence, they decided to have only celebrity contestants as this gives them a chance to get big personalities on board.

"The upcoming season will only cast popular names from the industry. We are not going to welcome commoners this time. The concept of a common man is good but this is creating problems for us to cast good names from the industry. As no Bollywood celebrity is interested to share screen space and taste their patience on camera and even the same response comes when we approach big names from the television industry. Popular actresses like Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Bharti Singh and Prachi Desai said no to the show for the same reason. But chances are they may sign the show this year," a source from the show told International Business Times, India.

The makers of Bigg Boss had tried hard last year to get some controversial personalities on the show. But they refused despite being offered huge money. Also, commoners have a tendency to enter the show with a fake identity which further creates problems for the makers later.

"Last year, we could not bring big names from television or Bollywood industry. So, our show didn't do well. The makers wanted Danny D (porn star) and controversial drama queen Mahika Sharma to enter the house. They were offered the biggest deal but they didn't agree to stay with commoners. And lastly, commoners come to us with fake identity which later gets exposed by media, and we are blamed to be scripted," the source added.

Well, looks like fans will be lucky enough to witness some of their favourite stars getting into the battle in Bigg Boss 13.