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Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Karanvir Bohra had been facing the wrath of netizens for posting a video of him wherein he is trying to help a sweeper by mopping the floor and handing over the money to him thereafter. It was one of his unique ways of promoting his upcoming film Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna which is releasing on July 5. People showed their outrage over Karanvir's act of unnecessarily showing off generosity and compassion to a common man only for the sake of camera. However, Karanvir has hit back at those who were criticising him on social media and said that 'if you don't like my video, don't watch at all.'

"To all those who were criticising me for my last video, I just want tell you one thing, 'Did you see how happy he was? What's your problem?' If you have a problem, don't watch my videos. Very simple. Those who like it, watch it, those who don't like it, there's no need for them to watch it," Karanvir Bohra said in a video message.

He further added, "But if somebody is going a good work, even if the person is doing it for likes and comments, do encourage them. In fact, you also do it if you want. You are spreading a good message and spreading a good message is not wrong. So sorry buddy, if you have a problem, keep it to yourself, Peace out."

In his caption, Karanvir said that there is no shame in openly doing something good and asked people to try doing it instead of sitting and typing and see how many faces light up.

However, his followers were not totally convinced with his justification. They told Karanvir that it wouldn't have been a big deal if would've done the act behind the camera but doing it just to show the world can hurt the man's self respect. And told him that criticising doesn't mean people are demeaning him but sometimes you can also learn from it.

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