Electronic Voting Machine
Indians try out the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in conjunction with the Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), a ballotless voting system, at an Election Commission demonstration stand in Mumbai on January 16, 2019.INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images

The BJP has said the EVM hackathon in London was a was a "conspiracy" sponsored by the Congress party to defame the country's election process.

Picking out the presence of Congress leader Kapil Sibal at the hackathon, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said it should be revealed why the Congress leader was at the event. 

"What was Sibal doing there? We would like to know in what capacity was he present at the event. I believe he was there on behalf of the Congress party," Prasad said.

The Congress is trying to defame the 2014 mandate and the Election Commission. The Congress did not say anything when it won the three states.

On Sunday, a US-based self-claimed cyber expert, Syed Shuja, levelled explosive allegations against the government, the BJP and the Election Commission, saying that the 2014 Lok Sabha elections were widely rigged.  

"The entire event was a Congress sponsored conspiracy. They have started making excuses for their definite defeat in the coming Lok Sabha polls," Prasad added.

The union minister also asked Congress President Rahul Gandhi how many more "stunts" the Congress was going to perform ahead of the elections.

Insult to Indian voters

Terming it false and deliberate agenda, Prasad said it was an insult to the Indian voters from abroad.

"The Congress is trying to defame the 2014 mandate and the Election Commission. The Congress did not say anything when it won the three states.

Prime Minister Narendra ModiMARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images

"EVMs have been in use for the last 20 years. For 10 years when Congress was in power, EVM was fine, when Mayawati won, it was fine, when Akhilesh won, then it was fine, when Mamata won in Bengal, then it was fine... but when the BJP won then the EVM is rigged. This is shameful," he said.

Prasad said there could not be any logic to say that EVMs can be tampered with.

"It's a design to compromise the sanctity of India's election process which is recognised worldwide for its electoral reforms. The party which ruled the country for 58 years is designing to attack at this esteemed institution."

Prasad also pointed out that the UPA was in power during the time the alleged conspiracy to rig the election took place. "Where is the logic in accusing us of hacking the EVMs when we were not even in power," he asked.

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He also asked where was Shuja when the Election Commission organised an open challenge for EVM hacking in 2017. 

When asked about a probe into the matter, Prasad said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would prefer "exposing" the Congress.

Prasad also rubbished hacker Shuja's claims that BJP leader Gopinath Munde was "murdered" because he knew the "truth of the EVMs. He said the doctor who had conducted the autopsy on Munde has clearly said that Munde died in a car accident in Delhi.

Prasad also alleged that the organiser of the event contributed to National Herald and has proximity with Rahul Gandhi.

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