Evidson X55
Evidson X55

As far as earphones go, cheap isn't something desirable, especially if sound quality is a priority. Whoever said that to me clearly hadn't tried the Evidson X55 earphones. It's crazy how a pair of earphones with a price tag under Rs. 500 can sound so good.

Look and Feel

The Evidson X55 earphones are available in black and come with a microphone that also doubles as a remote. It can be used to play or pause music and can also be used to attend calls. The cables are just as good as the ones on the W6 we had reviewed earlier, but the quality of plastic used to make the earpieces isn't as high-end as on the W6.

The earpieces aren't the type that go into the ear canal, and come with only one pair of foam tips.

Without the foam tips, the earpieces sit comfortably, but walking at even a slightly brisk pace would offset the way they are positioned in the ear. With the ear tips, however, the earpieces sit comfortably without ever slipping off or missing alignment. That said, even without the ear tips I noticed that the earphones would never get knocked off.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on the X55 is full and rich. The audio signature is neutral and will make any kind of music sound good. One would be hard-pressed to find anything to complain about with the X55s, unless you're a lover of deep, thumping bass.

By virtue of not being in-ear earphones, there's no chance of there ever being a tight seal between your ear and the earphones, hence the sound isn't bass heavy. However, the Evidson X55 still doesn't sound thin or weak. There's a sense of richness to the sound it produces that is hard to beat. Clearly Evidson has designed these earphones taking into account the loss in bass reproduction that the design inherently brings to the table.

Unlike the sound quality, the minimalistic mic/remote doesn't surprise us with what it can do. It is, however, rather curious that Evidson decided to keep it in line with the left earpiece as opposed to the right, as it is in most cases.


I would definitely recommend these earphones. Not just as a back-up pair to leave in your bag in case of an emergency, but also as your primary pair, if drowning out the world isn't your priority. A price tag of Rs. 499 makes them a steal and Evidson selling them at Rs. 470 right now makes one want to pick up an extra pair just in case.

Despite being priced well, the X55 doesn't give you the feeling of being cheaply made, and for a guy who wants really good audio but is prone to losing his earphones all the time (R.I.P my MEE Audio M6 Pro), these make for the perfect pair.