Evidson W6
Evidson W6Evidson

Sports headphones are arguably my personal favourites. Whether they go straight up to the ear or approach the ear canal from around the ear, they are the only ones you can count on to not make any noise as the cable brushes against your body between tracks.

The Evidson W6 earphones do not disappoint in this aspect, or virtually any other, except one.

Look and Feel

The pair we got to test was in white. Evidson also makes them in pink and black, and I was very impressed by how clean the earphones could remain despite coming into contact with sweat and dirt on a daily basis. I remember, with the earphones that came with the original 80 GB iPod and the white headset that Samsung made, having to constantly wash them with soap.

The cables are thick and the earpieces are made of really high-grade plastic. The ear hooks are flexible, but despite having been sat on — I had them in my back pocket for some reason — the ear hooks maintained their shape. That's the power of memory wire, I guess.

Wearing them is no sweat at all, and I found them to fit snugly without having to fiddle with them at all. Evidson packs five silicone ear tips with each pair of earphones, and the set includes a pair of bi-flange and tri-flange ones apart from the standard small, medium and large ones.

Sound Quality

The W6 earphones feature a very balanced sound profile. The highs and lows sound as they should, and by virtue of being in-ear earphones, the bass sounds deep, but not punchy, when paired with ear tips of the right size.

The people behind Evidson are team of audio engineers who've been known for making custom sound systems, and their involvement in the development of the W6 is very apparent.

As a hands-free kit, the earphones performed just as well and my mom was more than happy with me talking to her with them.


Priced at Rs 1,299, the W6 isn't too expensive, seeing the quality of materials used, but the fact that Evidson doesn't say that they are sweat proof does make one wonder whether these are the perfect pair or not. At the time of writing this review, Evidson was selling the W6 for Rs 1,049, so maybe that will help you decide.

I had been testing the earphones for about a week-and-a-half, and despite being carefully wrapped and crudely stuffed into a pocket allotted to a six-inch smartphone, they managed to stay in good shape, but curiously, one day before writing this review, I pulled the earphones out of a backpack, where I had stored them like a responsible adult, I found the right earpiece to be not working any more, and if it weren't for this one issue, I'd definitely recommend buying them.