Sushant Divgikar
'Bigg Boss 8': Was it a Fair Decision to Eliminate Sushant Divgikar?Bigg Boss 8/Facebook

Many of the eliminated "Bigg Boss" contestants have made rude remarks about the show in the past. But the recently-evicted participant, Sushant Divgikar, has taken a more aggressive tone, calling the house a "dirty place," where he does not want to stay any more.

He was nominated for elimination along with five other contestants - Ali Quli Mirza, Praneet Bhatt, Sonali Raut, Gautam Gulati and Puneet Issar - last week. The 24-year-old model was evicted from the house on Sunday night.

"When I got nominated from Bigg Boss I had this feeling that I will be out of the show this week," the Hindustan Times quoted the eliminated contestant as saying.

Having stayed in the house for seven weeks, Divgikar was finding it difficult to adjust with the negative atmosphere in the house.

"I was little disturbed with the environment inside because it has become very negative now and there were fights every now and then on petty issues. All these were little too much for me. I don't want to be on it in such a dirty situation and place," disclosed the model.

Divgikar is an actor, a VJ and a choreographer. Having been crowned Mr Gay India 2014, he represented India at Mr Gay World 2014 earlier this year.

During his time in the "Bigg Boss" house, he was in rapport with Diandra Soares, Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna. He was getting closer to Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani, who entered the house as wild cards last week.

He had a tough competition with his housemate, Ali Quli Mirza, on a couple of occasions, but he could not win. And, also had a fight with his close friend, Tanna, once. The model had apparently never shied away from openly voicing his opinions in the house.