Neethu Shetty in Mombathi
Neethu Shetty in Mombathi.PR Handout

Neethu Shetty, who has worked with many big names in Sandalwood, continues to be remembered for her tomboy character in superhit movie Gaalipata. The Mangaluru beauty has done a variety of characters in a career spanning over a decade and her next movie Mombathi will showcase the other side of her acting abilities.

Well, she will be seen as a cop for the first time in Mombathi and the actress is all excited about her role in Srinivas Kaushik-directorial movie. Ahead of the release, she has spoken to us about the film, her role and more. Find the excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your role in Mombathi

This is the first time where I am playing the role of an ACP by name Shivani. In my 10-year career, I have never played a cop. Shivani's character is such that she thinks before saying even one word. And that one word will be like a punch dialogue. I really enjoyed the doing this role.

How did you prepare for the role?

To be honest, I really didn't have much time. Director Srinivas Kaushik and the producer came with the offer a week before they started the shooting. I could not do a lot of research and I just blindly went with what the director said. And I obviously used my understanding of an intelligence officer and imagined how one would react to a particular situation. But I must say that I am happy with what I have seen during the dubbing of the film. I think I have done quite a good job.

Mombathi: A candid talk with Srinivas Kaushik, Rachana Smitha and Ravi Kumar 

Was it challenging?

When I stand before the camera, every role becomes challenging for me. I think it is not just about the acting, but actually going into the character of what ACP Shivani must be thinking about at a given situation. But this role is little different; I know she (Shivani) she underwent formal training for self-defence and necessary education to become an investigative officer. In that context, it was quite challenging.

Neethu Shetty
Neethu Shetty in Mombathi.PR Handout

Your thoughts on director Srinivas Kaushik.

My experience working with director Srinivas Kaushik is absolutely delightful. He is a very senior person and he knows what exactly he is doing. There will be no extra shots apart from what he needs which makes the job easier for everyone. More importantly, he knows how to balance every aspect of filmmaking. It was really nice to work with him and I would definitely like to work with him more.

How was it working with Ravikumar and Rachana?

Ravi is a sweet guy. His character in the movie has some grey shades but in real, he is a very friendly and he is a sweet chap to be around. He did a very good job . Rachana is a sweetheart. She has also sung a number in the movie and for the beginners to do this, it is really wonderful. It was actually delightful to work with all of them.