Evelyn Sharma keeps giving us a sneak peek into her day-to-day life with a newborn baby girl. Evelyn welcomed daughter, Ava, into the world in November 2021. Evelyn and husband, Tushaan Bhindi have named the little one - Ava Rania Bhindi. The new mom keeps sharing pictures of lovey-dovey moments with her daughter and with each post comes a message – all the new moms can relate to.

Evelyn Sharma
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Evelyn recently shared a picture breastfeeding Ava and wrote, "When you thought you finally established a routine and then she starts #clusterfeeding!! #smileforthecamera #thingsnoonewarnsyouabout #mummylife." In another post, Evelyn spoke about how their life changed after Ava's arrival.

Evelyn on motherhood

"Your life is going to change completely when your baby arrives" they said... And OMG has our life changed since little Ava arrived two months ago! We never thought we could feel this kind of all consuming, overwhelming love that we feel for our child! She took away our sleep, our personal space, created her own daily routines that we must follow, and even when we're at the end of our physical and mental strength, her little face lights up and we want to keep going. It's incredible the love you can feel for someone so demanding! She is everything! My sweet girl... Our little world," Evelyn wrote.

Evelyn's moving post 

On Christmas, Evelyn spoke about the toll breastfeeding takes on one. Sharing another one of a beautiful moment with her daughter, Evelyn had said, "My Christmas this year is milk for Ava and cookies for me.. Breast feeding is not an easy task, in fact I find it mentally and physically exhausting. ‍ But, the bond you're forming is absolutely beautiful and truly worth it... People give you lots of advice what you should and shouldn't do, but reality is: Do whatever works best for you and your baby."